In 2014, we independently produced (3) half-hour comedy pilots and premiered

them at Urbanworld Film Festival. These writers have gone on to secure agent

and management representation, staff writing jobs, and paid writing assignments.


Written and Created by Shawn Boxe

A dark comedy that follows the odd-couple relationship of a depressed, carpet-cleaner who is forced to do

cleanup jobs for a no-nonsense hitman. They must stay one step ahead of the police, nosey neighbors,

girlfriends, co-workers, and other criminals. They must also stay off each others’ nerves.


Written and Created by Syreeta Singleton

Quirky, impulsive, and high, Jade finds herself in one screwed up predicament after the other, while her best friend

Tiffany can never seem to say “no” until it’s far too late. So Jaded is a true coming of age, buddy comedy following two

best friends as they navigate life, friendship, love, and medical marijuana in urban Los Angeles.


Written and Created by Brittani Nichols

Pace, Micky, and Aspen are early 20-something, fast-talking, attitude having, LA transplants each with their own Hollywood dream and girl drama, but one crappy apartment. When Pace is suddenly dumped by her girlfriend of three years, it causes the roommates to reassess their lives. A lack of success has always been one of the things that held them together but if that changes, will it tear them apart?